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We make white shirts, for women. Designed and made in England.

Our shirts are reminiscent of classic pieces, re-engineered to eliminate extraneous details through a process of reduction and refinement.


We are obsessed with the purity of the colour white. Always White. But never flat, never boring.

We explore planes and depths of white; texture and shade; quality, strength and layers.


To achieve balance between practicality and grace we focus on the essence: Shape and detail.

Reducing, refining, perfecting. A continual process.

It is too easy to obscure beauty in over-complication and superfluous decoration.


A good 'white' shirt works hard throughout the day. It is liberating, comfortable, effortless.
It should never feel too precious to be worn.

We design for women. Our cuts have not been adjusted for women. They were always intended for women.


We apply the same rules to our manufacturing. We design and make in England and celebrate the skills that exist here. 

The proximity gives us opportunity to make lasting relationships with talented people and involvement in the whole process.