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Ted Danson Net Worth 2022, Biography, Early Life, Personal life, Turning Point & Career

How much is Ted Danson Net Worth 2022?

$80 million

Full Name Edward Bridge “Ted” Danson III
Birth Date 29 December 1947
Source of income American Actor and Producer
Birth Place San Diego, California, United States
Father's Name Edward Bridge Danson, Jr.
Mother's Name Jess Danson
Occupation American Actor and Producer
Nationality American
Marital Status Married
Wife's name Mary Steenburgen
Zodiac Capricorn
Net Worth $80 million

Ted Danson is an American actor, activist, author, television producer, and voice actor who is well-known across the world. Even at an early age, he achieved success as a film producer.

Many people are familiar with him from the television series Cheers. Now, we'll talk about Ted Danson net worth and some other intriguing aspects of his personal life.

He has appeared in the television series CSI (Crime Scene Investigation). His work lasted about 42 years, which resulted in him earning money and earning the moniker, Ted.

Even though he performed a number of key parts on the NBC sitcom, Sam Malone, the audience applauds. Ted's early life, professional accomplishments, source of income, and how to become a well-known actor throughout the world are all discussed today.

Early Life/Biography

Ted Danson was born on December 29, 1947, in the city of San Diego, California (United States). He first obtains a variety of triumphs as a result of his enthusiasm for the performing profession.

Jess, his mother's maiden name, was a well-known Macmaster. His father, Edward Bridge Danson Jr., was a museum director and archaeologist who died while he was a child.

In a similar vein, his parents aspire to be the most well-known and valuable individuals on the planet. Even they are enthusiastic about the prospect of being a hyperactive person.

He has a sister by the name of Jessica Ann Danson(Jan Haury), and they are quite close because they grew up with their family and currently reside together.

Consequently, he has several difficulties throughout his professional life, but he perseveres and eventually becomes well-known.

His Basketball Skills

Ted was a great basketball player because he went to Kent School, where he studied and played basketball. The next year, he transferred to Stanford University and began his studies there.

As a result, he became interested in theatre, which led to his move to Pittsburgh to study at Carnegie-Mellon University.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theatre, and once he has completed his degree, he plans to join the theatre and begin a professional career in the field. In the same way, he begins his professional life at a young age. His roles as “Colin Jost” and “Billy Bob Thornton,” for example, make money from a variety of sources.

What is Ted Danson Net Worth & Asset?

Ted has an estimated net worth of 80 million dollars since he begins acting at a young age and makes a living as a result of his success. The majority of the highest-paying jobs were as a voice actor, film producer, television producer, activist, and American actor, among other things.

Also, Stephen Merchant and Katt Williams put in long hours and undertake difficult labor, but they eventually become great actors.

In his life, he was married three times, the first time to Randall Gosch, who was his first wife. Despite the fact that she was a well-known actress, Randy Danson was her stage name in the public eye. Between 1970 through 1975, they were married and had a happy life.

In 1984, he began producing films and television drama series. In a similar vein, in 1996, he appeared on the live program link, which also included his wife, Mary Steenburgen, and other guests. As a result, he performed the play, and this duo eventually appeared in the miniseries Gulliver's Travels.

In 1977, he married for the second time, and his second wife, Cassandra Coates, was the most well-known producer of the time. Kate is the name of their daughter.

She was the daughter of Cassandra Coates, the second wife of Ted Danson. Later on, they separated. In 1955, he tied the knot with Mary Steenburgen, who is his third wife.

What Makes Ted Danson So Successful?

At the beginning of his professional career, he decides to become an actor and begins with the Somerset soap opera. From 1975 to 1976, he worked as a contract base actor; afterwards, from 1977 to 1982, he appeared in the opera “The Doctors” as several characters.

He has been in a number of ads, which has made him quite well-known on television shows. As a bartender and womanizing baseball player Sam Malone, he appeared on the television series Cheers in 1982, which was the most significant role of his professional life.

Sam had a romantic relationship with Diane Chambers. She was a young lady with a college education. When cheers gain criticism near the conclusion of the season, that is when it is at its greatest.

Cheers was a hugely popular television sitcom that was consistently listed in the top ten from 1983 to 1986. Throughout his professional tenure, he has been nominated for nine Golden Globe Awards and eleven Emmy Awards.

In fact, Ted was nominated for two Golden Globes and two Emmys as a result of his remarkable performance.

His Career's Turning Point

As a result, he becomes a star in the television series Becker, which ran from 1988 until 2004, propelling him to the top of the actor rankings. Even he appeared in the curb Your Enthusiasm and make money campaign to raise awareness. In this episode, he shared the stage with Sam Malone.

In the same way, he participated in a number of film series in 2006, playing a variety of characters. When he made a reappearance in the television series “Help Me Help You,” the show was terminated due to low ratings.

In the following year, 2007, he appears in the television drama “Damages,” for which he receives a substantial sum of money and recognition.


Ted has earned millions of dollars from the television movies and series in which he has appeared. His compensation for his most successful television series “Cheers” was around $450 thousand each episode, while his salary for “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” was approximately $250 thousand per episode.

The film “Saving Private Ryan,” which was released in the same year, made $480 million worldwide. Now wonder why Ted Danson net worth is such massive!

Ted Danson is a fantastic actor who has appeared in over 100 acknowledged roles in television movies and series. His most well-known appearance was in the “Cheers” television series, which is widely regarded as one of the best shows of all time.

Ted Danson is married to Mary Steenburgen, and the two of them are content in their home together.